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Dealing with a settlement offer can often be confusing and emotional. Theo is a tool that brings order and reason to the situation. Using a novel technique based on litigation risk analysis Theo provides a risk profile of declining a settlement offer. Specifically, Theo provides the probability of doing better or worse in court and by how much.

Armed with the Risk Report, you can make your decision to accept or reject a settlement offer in line with your risk tolerance.

Settle with Confidence

Use Theo to make smart, timely decisions on accepting or rejecting settelment offers.

Risk Report Example
Offer Risk in Rejecting the Offer and Going to Court
$210,000 Downside Upside
Probability 37% 63%
Loss / Gain -$240,000 $85,000
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Know the Numbers

Prepare for settlement talks by noting the key numbers of your case. Theo collects the amounts at stake in the case along with estimates of probabilities of the possible outcomes. Once those numbers are set, Theo is ready to run risk reports on offers to settle the case.

Assess the Offers

Theo takes your input on a settlement number and produces a risk report. The report shows the likelihood of doing better or worse in court and by how much you would go forward or backward from the settlement offer amount.


Settle and Move On

Armed with the risk report accept the settlement offer that represents the best outcome in terms of risk and amount. Close the case and move on with confidence that you did your homework on a satisfactory result.

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